Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guitar Blog - how to upload an image


I put this article up because a number of people wanted to know hoew to upload an image to blogger

Click on add image icon

Browse to image

Click ‘Open’Click on ‘upload image’ button

Click on 'Done'

Make sure you are in ‘Compose’ view, else you will just see the script

The image should be there

Be aware of file naming conventions.

Use underscore acoustic_guitar.jpg or

Camel case AcousticGuitar.jpg.

You'll find the latest DADGAD Scale update at the-guitarplayer.com free tab and guitar notation


Garg the Unzola said...

I never realised the DADGAD tuning was a country tuning. I had classical training at school, and messed around with DADGAD after reading about it in a magazine. The players who used it mentoined were mostly jazz/avant garde/experimental players.

Sounds a bit Eastern to my ears.

Tony Hogan said...

It's possible to get an Eastern sound by flattening the 2nd. Traditional;ly it's more the acoustic folk/celtic/world sort of players that use it. Maybe not a lot of country players. I've added the scales at http://the-guitarplayer.com with blues and country scales because I see the potential of it. Generally the country players would just used dropped D or use a sharp 3 F# instead of the G string. It's a tremendous tuning because it doesn't lock you in with a third being minor or major.

james said...

thanks for the info on DADGAD I am just learning how to play with this tuning

SJ said...

Thank you for this post.

Arjun U said...

I think you meant "how" instead of "hoew." To be frank i never knew how to upload an image. I've been using photobucket's html codes for blogs. Thanks dude!