Thursday, August 7, 2008

Acoustic Guitar Web Sites

This beautiful Guitar is made by Linda Manzer

Of late I've been writing mainly for my other two blogs.

Both my other guitar blogs now have a whole lot of guitar videos of acoustic guitar players of all styles, players that you may know, like Keith Richards on Acoustic Guitar, or Jimmy Page doing acoustic tunes off the Led Zeppelin 3 album. Plus some of the greats like John McLaughlin, and numerous players that are newer on the scene such as Andy mcKee, Phil Keaggy.

The guitar sites are educational with TAB and notation of Blues Scales, as well as lots of ideas to get your playing going. I've written a few hundred articles and they are designed to help players reach a greater level of musicality.
Ok, so what's different about my sites?
After playing for almost 40 years, I've watch the development of contemorary music and how it has been influenced by various styles, while this has been happening I have been learning, teaching, performing, recording , I haven't stayed still, I have continued to learn and am willing to share with others and make their journey through the musical maze faster. So other players can reach the standards they aspire to.


Gavin Gunn said...

Hi there,
You sure are right things really have changed over the years and its good that you have moved with it. I know some one who is still trying to live and play the 60's(not that there is anything wrong with the swinging 60's or the music), but he hasn't or can't seem to move on with time. Any way I just wanted to say hi and really enjoy your blog.

Achyut Telang said...

You are really passionate about Guitars! Personally I love the paino though. It's also great that you have been a student of the Indian Sarod player (late) Ashok Roy student of Ali Akbar Khan from the Tansen line! Amazing!!!I am from India too.

learn acoustic guitar said...

wow nice looking guitar, im pretty much starting off on a site like what you've got.. but mine is really new and i only have the basics, you've got some good content going.. keep up the good work..



Enzan said...

Lindas guitars are awesome and so full of sound!

Henrik Andersen improvise on Linda Manzer Guitar:

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Jason Shadrick said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I would like to invite you and your readers to join our guitar community.

Jason Shadrick
National Guitar Workshop

Chris said...

Keep on Rocking mate!