Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lightning HopkinsYoutube Guitar Video

Here's a great old blues guitar youtube from 1962 of Lightning Hopkins playing acoustic guitar.

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SEOcopy said...

hey thought you may be interested in this Video... awesome fingers.

trurewindmusic.com said...

Great video! Thank you for sharing and for your tips for all the new guitar players out there.

Russell said...

Cool video, trouble is this makes me feel really old, as this is the year I was born. Great year 1962 and was the year that the world was nearly nuked with the Cuban Missile crisis!

Ismail N said...

Thanks for the clip. Love it.

vijayanths said...

What do you think of Indian music? have you heard about A.R.Rehman, the nominee for Oscar this year?

If you want to hear his music, here is a link for you.

Martin Standard Series said...

I am ashamed I hadn't heard of Lightning Hopkins before!